The introduction of the discipline of Biology

       Biology is an interdisciplinary subject which involves the study of living systems at different levels, including structure, function, behavior, development, origin and evolution, and the relationship between biological organisms and the surrounding environments. To date, the subject of Biology has developed dramatically due to the motivation to address the remaining problematic issues we confronted to during the survival and development of human beings, as well as the development of the related disciplines. Especially, the development of Genomics, Proteomics,Metabolomics and other "omics" and System Biology has never been promoted so fast.
        The discipline of Biology in Dalian University of Technology was founded in 2004 based on the School of Environmental and Biological Science. We were authorized to initiate the program of Master’s degree in the subject of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2004, and program of Master’s degree in Biology in 2011. During the past ten years, we have achieved rapid development and major advance. The Biology and Biochemistryin our school has been continuously ranked in the top 1% of ESI. Currently, there are 48 permanent staff in our school, including 13 professors, 23 associate professor/senior engineer, among whom two staff members have been awarded the Outstanding Youth Funding by Chinese National Science Foundation, four staff members have been awarded the (new) Century Talent by the Ministry of Education. During the 12th Five Year Plan, we have awarded45 national projects including Chinese 863 Projects,Chinease973 Project, National Major Projects, International Cooperation Projects, and 2 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, we published 313 SCI research papers, and 112 patents.We have founded Provincial Laboratory and Research Base includingMolecule Recognition and Imaging Laboratory of Liaoning Province, Food Security Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education. Now our teaching and research laboratory area occupied nearly 8,000 square meters, and the total assets reached 42 million yuan.
        The discipline of Biology aims to provide the students with professional training and scientific research projects in the field of biological science and technology,improve their ability to work and manage the relevant technical work independently. The primary objective is to train the students with multidisciplinary backgrounds and skills to fulfil the needs of our nation’s development. The graduate students form this discipline can continue to pursue higher education in the worldwide reputed universities, start their academic careers in national research institutes and schools, or work in Biology-related field in the internationally reputed companies.